We provide safe adrenaline pleasures in nature

We plan and implement adventure infrastructure,
which enables you to experience a completely safe feeling of freedom and adrenaline.

Adventure parks vs. Adrenaline parks

Adventure parks enable a lot of movement among treetops. Thus, we are able to improve our psychophysical abilities, which contributes to overcoming everyday, strengthening of confidence and motoric skills.

The difference between adventure and adrenaline parks lies in location. In adrenaline parks we use artificial columns instead of attaching the tracks on trees.



Zip line can be place in both adventure park, high rope course as a constituent part of a track or as an individual element like zip-line park. Trees, rocks or artificial constructions can be used for anchoring wipe ropes.

Our company offers the construction of a wide range of zip line rides: short, long, steep, fast, with or without a break, parallel etc.

Ostale rešitve

Furthermore, we specialise in planning and constructing:

  • Obile adrenaline parks,
  • Adrenaline parks, adapted for people with disabilities,
  • Multi-purpose towers,
  • Quick jump free fall,
  • Tree houses,
  • Hanging bridges,
  • Treetop walkways,
  • Monkey climb,
  • Outdoor artificial climbing walls,
  • Parks for the improvement of motoric functions,

About us

We have been active in the field of construction of adventure and adrenaline parks as well as zip-lines since 2010. Our company plays the leading role in this field in Slovenian market, however, our activities are building their recognition even abroad. Our knowledge and long experience enable us to offer high-quality and complete solution. We are known for considering customer’s wishes and carrying out projects from the concepts to their execution.

Our love for mountains and sport increase our motivation to preserve a respectful and friendly attitude towards nature and society. We continually take part in further training in various fields of natural and social sciences as well as develop new technical solutions in cooperation with our partners.

Ekipa Vevrca

Our services include the whole process:

  • consulting,
  • design,
  • turn-key projects,
  • maintenance,
  • upgrade,
  • renewal.

Our services include the whole process:

  • Getting in touch and setting the date for location examination.
  • Examination and selection of the most suitable location.
  • Planning.
  • Preparation of project documentation.
  • Acquiring all the necessary permits.
  • Material supply and delivery to the site.
  • Construction of the park.

We are present worldwide.

Vevrca is the leading company in Slovenia in the field of adventure, adrenaline and zip line park construction. We are increasing our role in this segment also
in the South-East Europe and are becoming present in the markets of the whole Europe, Central America and Asia.

We ensure complete safety

All construction comply with the SIST EN 15667-1 EU standard, all safety elements and equipment have undergone the A-testing and are therefore 100 percent in a condition for safe operation. sist-en-15667-1

Before the handover each facility is checked by the company Vertic’Alps Expertse, which is the inspection body A according to ISO 17 020..

Do you have a question? Our manager Klemen Zupanc will be happy to answer all your questions as soon as possible.
Contact him on 040 429 531 or send him an email on info@vevrca.si.