Zip-line parks

Past forms of modern zip-lines have been used for centuries for various purposes.

Prior forms of temporary zip lines have been use for various purposes for centuries. We are familiar with cableways, which were used in remote places to transport wood and hay over deep canyons. In jungles zip-lines were used for research purposes, because riding along a rope among treetops is faster than walking in an impassable thicket. Therefore the constructors today discuss differently named but similar systems and face the question who was the first in this field, whether the zip line, canopy tour of the flying fox.

Experiences that we gained due to good cooperation with professional constructors of similar systems and materials of highest quality that are supplied by our long-term suppliers enable us to build completely safe zip lines and offer our customers unforgettable adventures.

Zip line can be place in both adventure park, high rope course as a constituent part of a track or as an individual element like zip-line park. Trees, rocks or artificial constructions can be used for anchoring wipe ropes.

Zip-line postavitev
Zip-line postavitev

Our company offers the construction of a wide range of zip line rides: short, long, steep, fast, with or without a break, parallel etc. Recently we have become a specialist in building over 100-meter-long systems with the steepest slopes. Such an adventure lasts longer and is therefore of higher intensity.

Zip-line postavitev

Our services include the whole process:

  • consulting,
  • design,
  • turn-key projects,
  • maintenance,
  • upgrade,
  • renewal.

Our services include the whole process:

  • Getting in touch and setting the date for location examination.
  • Examination and selection of the most suitable location.
  • Planning.
  • Preparation of project documentation.
  • Acquiring all the necessary permits.
  • Material supply and delivery to the site.
  • Construction of the park.