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We offer comprehensive solutions for experiential infrastructure - from via ferratas, tree houses to adventure parks and parks adapted for customers with disabilities.

Via ferrata

In the last years difficult climbing paths over sheer rocks, so-called via ferrata, have become very popular.
More and more such paths, even several paths together, are built in more accessible walls and gorges. These areas can be called “Via Ferrata Parks”. Our team spends a lot of free time on mountain walls which enables us a special approach to building these paths. We are able to find an attractive line, which blends with the setting. The fact that we can upgrade the traditional via ferrata with attractive elements, such as hanging bridges, nets, swinging beams and others, makes us unique and increases the quality of our work.

Via ferrata are built with the newest materials in accordance with various standards, which vary from one country to another.  We are most fond of the French system, which requires the safety wire rope to be loose between individual spikes due to better safety in case of a fall. The distance between spikes in the vertical measures 2 meters and in the areas with gentler slopes and the horizontal 3 to 15 meters (depending on the terrain). We strive to build the path along natura cracks, however, when necessary we install additional stepping and holding spikes or wire rope. The materials that we use are strictly certified. If our client expresses a wish of a safety system, we also install the continuous belay Speedrunner safety system made by our partner Kanopeo.

Mobile – self-standing adrenalin parks

To design a self-standing mobile park construction we use galvanised iron or wood.
By joining numerous typical modules on an appropriately flat surface we can design a park of optional size and capacity. Their transportation, construction and dismantlement are fairly easy.
Locations that are suitable for such parks are shopping centres, zoos, picnic places, recreational centres and similar sites.

Mobilni – samostoječi adrenalinski parki
Za izdelavo konstrukcij samostoječih mobilnih parkov uporabljamo cinkano železo ali les.

Adrenalin parks adapted for people with disabilities

The right use of exercises, their adaptation and a little help from the instructors can provide people with disabilities a feeling of freedom and adrenalin.
Our company believes that each easily accessible adrenalin park should have at least a couple of exercises adapted to people with disabilities.

Towers of fun

Major adventure parks, high rope courses need a central area, where the majority of tracks begin.
When planning a park we usually place a fun tower with several levels on this spot. This enables us to attach the beginnings of tracks of different difficulty levels to the trails, which significantly simplifies instructors’ work. Furthermore, the upper level can serve as a good lookout spot and can be used for installing the climbing wall, quick jump free fall to it.

VMultipurpose towers can also stand independently and can serve as lookout spots or can be used as the beginning of longer zip lines. We focus on the appearance of the towers; therefore we mainly use wood of highest quality. Each tower is built as unique construction, while its form is adjusted to the surroundings and client’s wishes (in form of a lighthouse, a big sailboat etc.).

The design of our towers enables users to safely move around the tower without using additional safety equipment.

Quick jump free fall

These systems offer different experiences of free fall from the height of 10 to 25 meters. They are completely safe and easy to use.

Quick jump free fall
Ti sistemi ponujajo različne izkušnje prostega pada z višine od 10 do 25 metrov. So popolnoma varni in enostavni za uporabo.


In the field of glamping tourism we design a unique treehouse or a hanging wooden landing for pitching a tent.
When designing such treehouses we use several techniques of fastening the supporting construction to the tree. Thereby we strive for the goal to make these treehouses as friendly to trees as possible. We pay special attention to the planning phase; therefore our treehouses look attractive, are safely accessible, blend with the surroundings and meet the client’s needs to the fullest.

There is a child hidden in each and every of us, so a night in a house like this or in a tent ensures an adventure for everyone.

Hiše na drevesih
Na področju glamping turizma za vas izdelamo unikatno hišo na drevesu ali viseči leseni podest za namestitev šotora.

Hanging bridges and walks among treetops

Our range of services include building hanging bridges, which are intended for crossing canyons or walking among treetops.
Due to the design of bridges users don’t need additional safety equipment and can relax and enjoy in the views of the surrounding area from the bird’s-eye view. Walks among treetops enable us to get to know animal species and flora and fauna from the viewpoint that is otherwise almost unreachable for us.

Planning and building bridges for walks among treetops requires a great amount of responsibility and inventiveness because the impacts on the nature should be as small as possible. Because we use only selected types of wood, our bridges have a beautiful external appearance and blend with the surroundings perfectly.

Viseči mostovi in sprehodi med krošnjami
Gradimo viseče mostove, ki so namenjeni prehodom preko sotesk ali sprehodu med krošnjami dreves.

Outdoor artificial climbing walls and monkey climb

Our constructions in this field enable a bit different climbing experience – climbing in the natural environment but on artificial holds.
The represent a good diversification and upgrade of an adventure or adrenalin park.

Parks for improving motoric abilities

They are composed of funny elements, which improve motoric abilities.
Because they are placed only a bit above ground they are suitable and safe also for children.

Bike parks

What makes our bike parks unique are various interim elements made from wood (bands, waves, scales, bridges and similar).
This is why they are interesting for children and are suitable for being constructed on smaller locations. They can also be nicely placed under adrenalin and adventure parks.

Our services include the whole process:

  • consulting,
  • design,
  • turn-key projects,
  • maintenance,
  • upgrade,
  • renewal.

Our services include the whole process:

  • Getting in touch and setting the date for location examination.
  • Examination and selection of the most suitable location.
  • Planning.
  • Preparation of project documentation.
  • Acquiring all the necessary permits.
  • Material supply and delivery to the site.
  • Construction of the park.