Adventure parks vs. Adrenaline parks

Adventure parks enable a lot of movement among treetops.
In case of adrenaline parks we substitute trees with artificial columns.

Adventure parks enable a lot of movement among treetops. Thus, we are able to improve our psychophysical abilities, which contributes to overcoming everyday strain. Such activities are beneficial for both children and adults because by overcoming various obstacles we strengthen our self-confidence and motoric abilities.

The difference between adventure and adrenaline parks lies in location. In adrenaline parks we use artificial columns instead of attaching the tracks on trees.

When planning a park it is necessary to consider expectations of a wide range of users, therefore we design our parks to meet the needs of families, groups and individuals. Parks consist of tracks of different difficulty levels. Each track includes 8 to 15 different elements. Our company offers over 100 different elements, however, every year we add a few new ones to the range of our products.

Pustolovski parki
Adrenalinski parki

According to the difficulty level the tracks are categorized as follows:

  • Tracks for the smallest children, aged up to 4 years, at the height of 50 cm, without a safety system and with an appropriate surface in case of a fall;
  • Tracks for children aged between 4 and 8 years, at the height of up to 150 cm, with an obligatory use of the safety system and parents monitoring their children from the ground;
  • Tracks of different difficulty levels up to the height, which is reachable due to the height and girth of trees (even 20 m high or more).

The number of tracks and elements depends on location and number of visitors. Their number can increase on a yearly basis according to demand and occupancy. Each upgrade and addition of new elements ensures the park to remain attractive for visitors and comes a surprise to them.


Safety comes first in our company. All our  Adventure parks are constructed according to EN 15567-1 standard and checked by Vertic’Alps Expertise. In the majority of parks the safety systems of our partner Kanopeo are installed. The continuous belay safety system wire rope enable the user to accidentally or on purpose unbuckle from the safety set at certain height.


The Safe Roller system for high rope courses, adventure parks is in the higher price bracket; however it enables better visitor flow in certain period of time. The park maintenance costs are therefore a bit lower and time for the training users is thus shorter.  The Safe Roller system enables users to freely move around the park and don’t need to worry about their safety.


The price of the Speedrunner system is cheaper but still completely safe. When using this system users have to pay attention to the safety system and move hanook over the Speedrunne bracket into the next element when passing from one exercise to another.

Building a high rope course

Adventure parks are placed in the woods, among treetops, while for adrenalin parks we build concrete columns and set up artificial columns. It depends on location and it natural resources which type we choose. Both types of parks are attractive for users; however, the costs of an adrenalin park are a bit higher.

Building an adventure park

We examine and choose location, trees and shapes; we acquire all necessary permits; we clean the ground; we check the trees; technical preparation of trees before the installation; park inspection and training of instructors.

Building an adrenaline park

Examination of the field; measurements and form; planning and static calculations; acquiring all necessary permits; foundation and setting up artificial columns; installation of landings, elements and safety system; inspection of the park and training of instructors.

Throughout our work process we strive to treat the nature in the friendliest possible way and make sure that the final product is placed in the setting in the best possible way.

Our services include the whole process:

  • consulting,
  • design,
  • turn-key projects,
  • maintenance,
  • upgrade,
  • renewal.

Our services include the whole process:

  • Getting in touch and setting the date for location examination.
  • Examination and selection of the most suitable location.
  • Planning.
  • Preparation of project documentation.
  • Acquiring all the necessary permits.
  • Material supply and delivery to the site.
  • Construction of the park.